Help Desk

Is the box available outside of the U.S.? Yes! However, international shipping rates will be applied to the monthly subscription rate.  

I received my box and it is missing an item, one of my items was damaged, or my shirt is not the size ordered. Can I receive a replacement? If you received your COLORSBIND BOX™ and you are missing an item from your box, an item has been damaged in shipping, or you received the wrong size shirt, please email us at within 7 days from receipt of your box and we will replace the item for you. Unfortunately, after 7 days from the date your box has been delivered, we will not replace the item. 

What if I don’t like something in my box? Though we cannot accept returns for the COLORSBIND BOX™ deal items we absolutely want to hear from you about our product. Email us at and share with us your COLORSBIND BOX™ experience. Your feedback will help us to make certain future versions of this box are as amazing, informative and relevant to your TRA family as possible. As far as the item(s), you can always gift them to a friend, coworker, family member or other family as our items make GREAT gifts! 

Can I purchase just one box and not auto renew? Yes, as a $60 gift for another family, but the COLORSBIND BOX™ subscription rate of $57 is only available as part of a monthly auto-renewing subscription. If you would like to try just one box, buy a monthly subscription at $57, which can be canceled before the 5th of each month.