Product information

How does the subscription work? As a COLORSBIND BOX™ subscriber who purchased the $57 option (5% Discount), you will receive your monthly box filled with a themed book, custom tee, COLORSBINDUS MAGAZINE and new releases like limited edition (subscriber-only) products unavailable on our general website. Your COLORSBIND BOX™ will include 4-5 products every month. As often as we can, we will include items from other black-owned businesses we support! 

If you have an idea for a shirt, can you make it? Maybe! We love to hear about new items you want to see available! If you have an idea for a t-shirt, let us know and we will attempt to design it if we agree that it is TRA family friendly, then we will send you the shirt inspired by you for FREE! 

How do I share my picture or video unboxing with you? Just post your pics or video on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter (@Colorsbindbox) and use the hashtags #colorsbindbox #colorsbindus so we can highlight your family. Additionally, email your unveil to and we will post it!

What sizes are available? We offer adult sizes from S to 3XL on most items. 

It says “Every box will include at least one TRA tee, how will you know what size to send me?” Yes, every box will include at least one COLORSBIND BOX™ tee. They may be best sellers, new releases or special edition tees made just for COLORSBIND BOX™ subscribers. If at anytime in the future you want to change your size preference you will be able to do so by contacting us to update it for you. From time to time, we may send out surveys asking for addition information.

About the waitlist, how does it work? We pre-order items to fulfill only 100 COLORSBIND BOX™ orders each month unless demand is greater than the amount of inventory available. When we reach that number of subscribers we close new subscriptions and have the waitlist. To get on the waitlist you simply add your email to the list. When spots become available, we send an email to every one on the waitlist to get the chance to sign up. When the waitlist is open it is first come first serve. Once the open spots we have available sell out, the waitlist closes again and we do not accept new subscriptions.