Is COLORSBIND BOX™ Black-owned? Yes. We are a black family-owned company that consists of two founders, one of which is an adoptee. Our COLORSBIND BOX™ was conceptualized in 2015 and launched by the Hotchkins family in 2018. Their desire to expand the reach of TRA work they do in a program called the Community V(i)llage: https://www.thinkpositionality.org/communityvillage was the impetus and for creating a monthly subscription service that speaks to not only Black children, but also those within their households. The COLORSBIND BOX™ brand is informative, interactive, inspirational, fun, and emotionally fulfilling while being intellectually stimulating. Successfully raising culturally confident, whole Black children with high self-esteem is an expression of oneself as a parent and community member. One of our goals is to make sure that the things you love and information needed is reflected in the items we curate for you each month in the COLORSBIND BOX™. 

Does a portion of each sale fund scholarships?  Yes. A percentage of each  COLORSBIND BOX™ sold goes to fund the Think Positionality Education Foundation (EIN: 82-1617201), which will issue an official call for submission opportunities in January of 2019, to be awarded in May of 2019.

How many graphic tees do you own that communicate positive messages about either being a TRA parent or Black children? Each tee we provide is not only an expression of family pride, but is also effortlessly stylish, fun and often representative of your mood and parental persona. We practically guarantee that it will be difficult to find tees that truly reflect your family culture and the things you love. The growing interest in TRA family dynamics through shows like This Is Us are beginning to create a media and product development environment that is not as polarizing as it has been in the past; however, we are mindful stereotypes and images that do not always reflect us fully are easily accessible. Although popularized shows like This Is Us are somewhat similar to the lives of TRA families, we are mindful that they are not necessarily reflective of our experiences, make up or dynamics—still there are commonalities and we do not know what we do not know. Families come in all shades, sizes, circumstances and demographics. Some families have same-gender partners, children who are African American and African, parents who are adoptees and consist of adopted and birth children. We come from different walks of life, have varied parenting interests and a range of adoption process experiences. Still, often times we feel an unspoken bond as parents of Black children. This is true whether we reside in the same state, are found life-long friends for our children through participating in playgroups, or are members of the Community V(i)llage; regardless, we are learning to expand our family circles in reassuring ways that say "you have newfound family here to help during the tough times and celebrate the triumphs." COLORSBIND BOX™ was created to provide a powerful space for families to grow, connect and develop an undeniable bond to Black culture while informing themselves about best practices for guiding their children through a world of difference. This is the aura COLORSBIND BOX™ creates monthly through our contexts, apparel, accessories and exercises contained with the COLORSBINDUS Magazine, which is the centerpiece of your subscription. Monthly COLORSBINDUS Magazine issues bring families together in what we call FACTIVITIES that reflect some of our shared experiences as parents of Black while also allowing households to learn about Black culture; celebrate Black cultural icons; create spaces where your children see Black people as beautiful, smart and valuable—in essence, expose your family to things that make you laugh and think. When TRA families subscribe to the COLORSBIND BOX™, you are definitely going to find yourself inside!