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What is the COLORSBIND BOX™?

COLORSBIND BOX™ is a monthly auto-renew subscription service for Transracial Adoption, Bi-racial, and Multiracial families raising Black children. We realize you don’t know what you don’t know. That is okay, the COLORSBIND BOX™ is here to collaborate in your learning. Each COLORSBIND BOX™ box speaks to your exact needs by providing monthly contents that inform about navigating the challenges of being a Black child growing up in a world of indifference. Each month we outline strategies that help parents devise individualized family action plans toward the empowerment of their children.

Use the COLORSBIND BOX™ to explore Black culture and history with us. Learn how to respond to racism, along with fun activities that build cultural awareness including food preparation, Black holiday celebrations, arts, games, movies and podcasts. The COLORSBIND BOX™ answers your curiosities about racial difference and helps you in the constructions of parental self-image, holistic child rearing, and aspirations to seek Black cultural knowledge.

Each subscription has our educational centerpiece entitled the COLORSBINDUS MAGAZINE, which includes a variety of information about relevant topics pertaining to Black culture, parental practices and how to raise the cultural competency of your family. Through our EDITORIAL, SITES UNSEEN, 8 THINGS, PRESS PLAY, TOP SHELF and FACTIVITIES departments, we highlight everything from curated culturally-based vacations to where to find the best Vegan Soul food restaurants around the world. 

Every month our features section provides unique parental perspectives, epiphany moments and suggestions about who, what when, where, how and why it is important to educate yourself while sowing into your children. Further, the COLORSBINDUS MAGAZINE focuses on the holistic development of Black children and parents while offering a range of age appropriate, confidence-building opportunities that are informed by our recommended book, podcast, art, movie and travel listings. Finally, the COLORSBINDUS MAGAZINE offers varied levels of engaging, family bonding opportunities that are geared to Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced levels of knowledge about Black culture, history, people and perseverance. 

COLORSBIND BOX™ arrives at your doorstep every month containing 4-5 NEW products (full size, no samples) including: 1) COLORSBINDUS MAGAZINE; 2) At least (1) COLORSBINDUS tee; 3) A featured book that focuses on the intersection of parenting Black children, parental identity development or an overarching issue that impacts Black children; and 4) 1-2 additional box items that are exclusive the COLORSBIND BOX™ (e.g. buttons, message bracelet or original art prints). This product/service specializes in providing the BEST Black cultural resources available.

How does COLORSBIND BOX™ work?

Complete the following steps to subscribe

1) Purchase a recharging subscription box ($57.00) or a one-time gifting option for a family or friend ($60.00);

2) Select tee-shirt size preference of your monthly subscription or the person you are gifting;

3) during the CHECK OUT process make sure the T-shirt size was selected so we can include it in your box; 

4) Sign up for our newsletter so we can provide you with COLORSBIND BOX™ updates;

5) Await the arrival of your COLORSBIND BOX™. Monthly we ship around the 15th (S&H is FREE if purchasing the $60 option); 

6) Receive your COLORSBIND BOX™ then post a picture or video tagging our social media @COLORSBINDBOX (IG, Facebook or Twitter) of your family showing off and commenting on your contents; and

7) You can change your account preferences at any time before the 5th of each month. 

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